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Mini-essays (6)
for The New Penguin Dictionary (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 2000)
Models of language pathology
In R.E. Asher, et al. (eds), The encylopedia of language and linguistics (Oxford: Pergamon, 1993)
Download: Clinical10
Mother-tongue India
Talk for Lingua Franca (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), January 2005
Download: English5
Moving towards an English family of languages?
Folia Anglistica (Festschrift for Olga S Akhmanova) (Moscow: Moscow State University, 1998), 84-95; part adapted for British Council Conference
Download: English35
Names, names, names
Around the Globe 6 (Winter 1997), 12-13
Download: Shakespeare45
Neglected grammatical factors in conversational English
In S. Greenbaum, G. Leech & J. Svartvik (eds), Studies in English linguistics: for Randolph Quirk (London: Longman, 1980), 153-66
Download: English107
Neglected linguistic principles in the study of reading
In D. Moyle (ed), Reading: what of the future? (London: Ward Lock Educational, 1975), Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference of UKRA, 26-34. Revised for Directions in Applied Linguistics
Download: Education23
New Englishes: going local in Brazil
Braz-TESOL Newsletter, 2, 2010, 12-15
Download: English129
New marks for old
The APPI eJournal 6(Portugal), 16, Autumn 2019
Download: English167
New perspectives for language study: II Semiotics
English Language Teaching 24, 1970, 209-15
Download: Linguistics56
New perspectives for language study: I Stylistics
, English Language Teaching 24, 1970, 99-106
Download: Stylistics9
New words for old
Editing Matters 1, 2009, 4; reprinted in Editing Still Matters: 30 Years of Upholding Editorial Excellence (SfEP, 2018), 38-9
Download: Lexicography11
New words in English
24 'minute' talks, BBC Learning English: Keep Your English Up To Date, series 2, 2007. BBC Learning English
New words in English
26 'minute' talks, BBC Learning English: Keep Your English Up To Date, 2004. BBC Learning English
New words? It all-depends
Around the Globe 5 (Autumn 1997), 32; ; reprinted in Modern English Teacher (8:4, 1999), 20-21
Download: Shakespeare46
Nick without froth
Around the Globe 23½, 2003, 14
Download: Shakespeare24
Nineties knowledge (ed.)
(Edinburgh: Chambers/Singapore: Federal Publications, 1992), ix+182 pp. 0 550 17254 8; 981 01 2095 8
Non-segmental phonology in language acquisition
Lingua 32, 1973, 1-45. Revised in The English Tone of Voice
Download: Linguistics62
Non-segmental phonology in religious modalities
In W.J. Samarin (ed), Language in religious practice (Rowley: Newbury House, 1976), 17-25. Reprinted (sic) in English Tone of Voice, 1975.
Download: Religion9
Normal and abnormal development of intonation
In Seven Ages of Man, Proceedings of the 7th National Conference of the College of Speech Therapists, Cardiff, 1975, 13-33
Download: Clinical43
Nothing for ages then two at once
Around the Globe 14, 2000, 20-21; reprinted in e magazine 10 (2000), 52-3
Download: Shakespeare37
O, but one word
Around the Globe 11, 1999, 34-5
Download: Shakespeare40
Objective and subjective in stylistic analysis
In B.B. Kachru & H. Stahlke (eds),Current trends in stylistics (Edmonton: Linguistic Research Inc, 1972). 103-14. Reprinted in Directions in applied linguistics
Download: Stylistics11
'O brave new world, that has such corpora in it!' New trends and traditions on the Internet
plenary paper to ICAME 32, 'Trends and Traditions in English Corpus Linguistics', Oslo, June 2011
Download: Internet21
O brave new world, that has such indexers in it!
In Anthology for the Millennium (Sheffield: The Society of Indexers, 1999), 34-5
Download: Indexing3
Of infinite tongue
Sam Wanamaker lecture (with Ben Crystal), Shakespeare's Globe, 19 March 2003
Download: Shakespeare20
Oh what a tangled web we weave
Science and Spirit (November-December 2004), 34-5
Download: Internet3
Once more unto the OP, once more...
Around the Globe, 60 (2015), 49
Download: Shakespeare85
On editing a modern cyclop(a)edia
Royal Institution Proceedings 64, 1992, 245-70
Download: General1
One meaning well suited
Around the Globe 35, 2007, 16-17
Download: Shakespeare55
On having one's fate ceeled
Paper for the launch of The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, Royal Society of Arts, 4 May 1995
Download: English49
On keeping one's hedges in order
English Today 15, 1988, 46-7
Download: English65
Only connect: living in linguistic fragments no longer
Keynote speech to CLESOL conference on 'Origins and connections: linking theory, research, and practice'. Napier, New Zealand, 30 September 2006
Download: Education24
On myths and mindsets
Lingua Montenegrina, God. V/2, Br.10, Podgorica 2012, 3-6
Download: Internet23
On saying 'and' correctly
English Phonetics 21 (The English Phonetic Society of Japan: A Festschrift for Professor Jack Windsor Lewis on the Occasion of his 90th Birthday), 29.
Download: Creative23
On scales of contrast in English connected speech (with Randolph Quirk)
In C.E. Bazell, et al. (eds), In memory of J.R. Firth (London: Longman, 1966), 359-69
Download: Linguistics46
On the track of language change
Practical English Teaching, December 1986, 57
Download: English92
On trying to be Crystal-clear: a response to Phillipson
The European English Messenger 8(1), 1999, 59-65; reprinted with alterations [and toned down by editor!] in Applied Linguistics, 2000, 415-23
Download: English32
'OP' moving on
Around the Globe 63 (2016), 26
Download: Shakespeare87
OP Sonnets notes
Notes to acocmpany the transcription of the Sonnets made in 2007: see 'OP transcriptions Sonnets' on this website
Download: Sonnet notes
OP transcriptions Sonnets
Transcription made in 2007 to accompany the audio file available at Illustrations
OP Troilus Act 1 transcription
Transcription made in 2006 to accompany the audio file available at Illustrations
Download: TC Act 1 trs
OP Troilus notes
Notes to accompany the transcription of Troilus Act 1 made in 2006: see 'OP Troilus Act 1 transcription' on this website
Orwell as linguist
'The Orwell lecture', Emirates Festival of Literature, Dubai, 12 March 2016
Download: Stylistics16
Our English dead
Around the Globe 9, 1999, 28-9
Download: Shakespeare42
Over-read it at your pleasure
Around the Globe 36, 2007, 34-5
Download: Shakespeare56
Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary
[with Ben Crystal, illustrations by Kate Bellamy] (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015), 352 pp; 9780192737502
Paralinguistic behaviour as continuity between animal and human communication
In W.C. McCormack & S.A. Wurm (eds), Language and man: anthropological issues (The Hague: Mouton, 1976), 13-27. Reprinted (sic) in The English Tone of Voice, 1975
Download: Linguistics38
In J. Benthall & T. Polhemus (eds), The body as a medium of expression (London: Institute of Contemporary Arts, 1975), 162-74
Download: Linguistics39
In T.A. Sebeok (ed.), Current trends in linguistics 12 (The Hague: Mouton, 1974), 265-95
Download: Linguistics66
Pasado, presente y futuro de la linguïstica clinica
In M. Montfort (ed.), Investigaccion y logopedia (Madrid: Ciencias de la Educacion Preescolar y Especial), III Logopedics Congess, Madrid, 1986, 34-42. (The past, present and future of clinical linguistics)
Download: Clinical26
Past imperfect. Present tense. Future perfect? Language play and the culture of literacy
United Kingdom Reading Association Annual Conference, July 1996
Download: Education12
Patterns of language
3 scripts for BBC Schools, May 1986
Penguin Linguistics (editor)
(Penguin Books, 1968-75)
Performing the tongue that Shakespeare spoke
Talk for Lingua Franca (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), 12 July 2005
Download: Shakespeare4
Persevering with prosody
International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology 11 (4), 2009, 257
Download: Clinical49
Phonaesthetically speaking
English Today 42, 1995, 8-12
Download: English51
Phonological assessment and language processing
In R. Elen & E. Offeciers (eds), Proceedings of the International Logopedisch Congres 2, Antwerp (Antwerp: Katholieke Vlaamse Hogeschool, 1989), 41-56
Download: Clinical12
Pick a word, any word...
Around the Globe 15, 2000, 22-23
Download: Shakespeare36
(Holyhead: Holy Island Press, 1988), 79 pp. 0 9513063 0 8
Playing with Latin
Around the Globe 33, 2006, 20-21
Download: Shakespeare49
Playing with linguistic problems: from Orwell to Plato and back again
In J.E. Alatis, et al., Proceedings of the Georgetown Round Table in Language and Linguistics 1996, 1-25
Download: Linguistics20
Plurilingualism, pluridialectism, pluriformity
plenary paper for TESOL Spain annual conference, Bilbao, 10 March 2012; in M. Pilar Díez, Rebecca Place & Olga Fernández (eds), Plurilingualism: promoting co-operation between communities, people and nations (Bilbao: University of Deusto, 2012), 13-24
Download: English140
Pocket facts (ed.)
(London: Penguin Reference, 2005), xii+436 pp. 0 141 02111 X
Pocket famous people (ed.)
(London: Penguin Reference, 2006), ix+346 pp. 0 141 02717 7
Pocket kings and queens (ed.)
(London: Penguin Reference, 2006), ix+351 pp. 0 141 02716 9
Pocket on this day (ed.)
(London: Penguin Reference, 2006), ix+367 pp. 0 141 02715 0
Pocket quotations (ed.)
(London: Penguin Reference, 2005), vi+304 pp. 0 141 02112 8
Pocket spelling dictionary (ed.)
(London: Penguin Reference, 2005), xii+355 pp. 0 141 02110 1
Postilion sentences
Journal of Clinical Speech and Language Studies (Dublin) 5, 1995, 12-22. Expanded slightly in Child Language Teaching and Therapy 11 (1), 1995, 79-90
Download: Clinical7
In M. Manser & N. Turton, The Penguin Wordmaster Dictionary (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1987)
Download: English81
Proceedings: Modern Approaches to Language Teaching at University Level (ed. with D Wilkins & J Kay)
Council of Europe Round Table Conference (Strasbourg: Council of Europe, 1967)
Profile analysis of language disability (with P. Fletcher)
In C.J. Fillmore, D. Kempler & W.S-Y. Wang (eds), Individual differences in language ability and language behavior (New York: Academic Press, 1979), 167-88. Reprinted in Directions in applied linguistics
Download: Clinical39
Profiling grammar: more languages of LARSP (co-editor)
(eds) Paul Fletcher, Martin J Ball and David Crystal (Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2016), xviii + 285 pp. 9781783094868
Profiling linguistic disability
(London: Edward Arnold, 1982), 218 pp. 0 7131 6354 2
Profiling linguistic disability
(London: Whurr, 1992; London: Wiley, from 2005), 2nd edition viii+229 pp. 1 870332 93 8
Pronouncing Shakespeare
Cambridge: CUP, 2005, xviii+188 pp. 0 521 85213 7
Prosodic and paralinguistic correlates of social categories
In E. Ardener (ed.), Social anthropology (London: Tavistock, 1971), ASA Monographs 10, 185-206
Download: Linguistics60
Prosodic development.
In P.J. Fletcher & M.A. Garman (eds), Language acquisition (Cambridge: CUP, 1979), 33-48. 2nd edn, 1986, 174-97
Download: Children2
Prosodic systems and intonation in English
(Cambridge: CUP, 1969), viii+381 pp. 0521073871
Prosodic systems and language acquisition
In P.R. Léon, G. Faure & A. Rigault (eds), Prosodic feature analysis (Montreal: Didier, 1970), 77-90
Download: Linguistics53
Pseudo-controversy in linguistic theory
In D. Crystal (ed.), Linguistic controversies (London: Edward Arnold, 1982), 16-24
Download: Linguistics34
In XIX Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics, Edinburgh, Folia Phoniatrica 35 (1/2), 1983, 1-12
Download: Clinical32
Punch as a satirical usage guide
Paper (The English language in Punch 1841-1901) given to the English Usage Guides Symposium, Cambridge, 26 June 2014. In I. Tieken-Boon van Ostade (ed), English Usage Guides: HIstory, Advice, Attitudes (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018), 83-106
Download: English150
Punctuation: Making a Point
Speak Up (Milano) 373, April 2016, 44-5 [transcription of audio recording]
Putting profiles into practice
Speech Therapy in Practice 1, 1985, 4-5
Download: Clinical30
Q and A: Professor David Crystal
Inspire (Canterbury Christ Church Magazine), Autumn 2011, 28-9
Download: Creative13
Quote index unquote.
The Indexer 22 (1), 2000, 16-22
Download: Indexing1
Quote - unquote
e magazine 2, March 1999, 46-7
Download: English71
Randolph Quirk: obituary
with Ruth Kempson, in Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy, 18, 2019, 31-48
Reading, grammar and the line
In D. Thackray (ed.), Growth in reading (London: Ward Lock Educational, 1979), 26-38
Download: Education22
Recent developments in linguistics
BBC Foreign Service; reprinted in English by Radio, May, 1966
Rediscover grammar
London: Longman, 1988, 223 pp. 0 582 00258 3; revised edition, 1996; Thai translation, 1996. 974 512 594 6; Japanese translation, 1992. 4 268 00137 9; Chinese translation, 1995. 962 00 1352 2
Rediscover grammar
London: Longman, 1996, revised edition 239 pp. 0 582 00258 3
Rediscover grammar
London: Pearson Longman, 2004, 3rd edn 254 pp. 0 582 84862 8
Refining stylistic discourse categories
In G. Melchers & B. Warren (eds), English linguistics in honour of Magnus Ljung (Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell, 1994), 35-46
Download: Stylistics3
Reflecting linguistic change
The Teacher Trainer 10 (1), 1996, 15-16
Download: Education13
Reithed in gloom
English Today 47, 1996, 38-40. Based on Independent on Sunday article, 11 February 1996
Download: English45
Relative and absolute in intonation analysis
Journal of the International Phonetics Association 1, 1971, 17-28. Reprinted in The English tone of voice
Download: Linguistics59
Relevance of linguistics to the O Level examination (with K Owen)
Memorandum to Welsh Joint Education Council, 1964
Download: Education25